Smelting Pot

This pot is made from a volcanic rock that can withstand the very high temperatures required to extract metal from it's ore. You need to be in a Forge to use this. 
Smelting Pot

Smelting Pot

The various Ore can be found in mines. These can be found in all the villages

Makes Materials Needed Level Stats
Iron Ingot Coal x2Iron Ore x2 5 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Copper Ingot Copper Ore x2Coal x2 6 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Silver Ingot Coal x2Silver Ore x2 8 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Chromium Ingot Coal x2Chromium Ore x2 9 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Gold Ingot Coal x2Gold Ore x2 9 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Tungsten Ingot Coal x2Tungsten Ore x2 9 Turns: 5 xp: 5
Titanium Ingot Coal x2Titanium Ore x2 9 Turns: 5 xp: 5

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