In BitFantasy there are several different kinds of shops. At each of these shops, you can buy or sell different items.

Shops restock when they are down to a certain amount of items. Shopkeeps have different stock levels and money and types. An expensive item has a less chance of restocking than a cheap item because the shopkeep does need the amount necessary to buy the item. 

Here are the shops in the game and information regarding what items you can buy or sell at each of them:

Shop Name Items to Buy/Sell Additional Information
Armour Store Armours
Fishing Tackle Shop Fishing Rods
Hack N'Slash Weapons
Grocer Foods Foods you can buy and sell here are more basic
Restaurant Foods Foods you can buy and sell here are more complex dishes.
Ogi's Warehouse Non-Food Items
Scroll Shop Scrolls and Blueprints

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