Below are all diverging paths in the maze that are not obvious dead ends from the player's perspective.

The green arrows represent paths that lead from the entrance and to the exit.

Green arrow pointing at the player = where the player came from (i.e. the cloest path to the maze entrance).

Green arrow pointing away from the player = the path to follow to the exit. 

Paths not marked represent dead ends, however there may be items in these areas.

  • 4099 R
  • 4338 D
  • 4304 U
  • 4112 R
  • 4916 D
  • 5156 D
  • 4862 R
  • 4621 U
  • 4617 D
  • 5284 D
  • 5641 R
  • 5487 R
  • 5211 U
  • 5432 R

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