Fishing is an activity in the BitFantasy universe. There are currently 2 fishing rods and 4 types of fish you can catch with fishing. It requires the player to have at least one fishing rod in their inventory, and be adjacent to at least one water tile on the map.


Fishing is a good way for beginner players to make some money and earn xp

5 xp are gained for each successfully caught fish.

If you want to go fishing, the first thing you need is to buy a fishing rod. Best thing to do is to add your fishing rod to the quickslot and use it from there. 

You need to be near at least one water tile to be able to fish.

Once you get a message that the waters have been overfished it's better to move to a new spot, as the fish will become scarce. If the player fishes too much after this message is received, the chances of getting a fish are exponentially lowered.

It is more cost effective to purchase the Heavy Duty Fishing Rod, as it has 40 uses (and costs 10 GP less than buying 2 Fishing Rods) compared to the normal Fishing Rod's 20 uses.

Fishing RodsEdit

Fishing rods are available from the fishing store merchant. They are removed from the player's inventory once they have been consumed (all uses are gone).

Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod

Cost: 50

Cost (BTC): 0.00100000

Level: 0

Magic Damage 1d2

Heavy Duty Fishing Rod

Heavy Duty Fishing Rod

Cost: 90

Cost (BTC): 0.00100000

Level: 0

Magic Damage 1d3

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